Herrera's Mexican Café Opens New Location on Fitzhugh

The original Herrera's Mexican Café was located on Maple Avenue, right across the street from Observer HQ, where the lovable Grapevine Bar now resides. Amelie Herrera opened the restaurant in 1971, and it's been a popular spot for Tex-Mex in Dallas ever since, featured in a 1984 issue of National Geographic and a regular spot for out-of-towners, including Hilary Clinton in 2008. It's the restaurant's 40th anniversary, and it celebrated by opening its newest location on Tuesday.

The new spot (2505 N. Fitzhugh Ave.) is located not too far from Chef Jeff Harris' newly opened RedFork. Gil Bonifaz, who has been working at the Denton Drive location since early 2000, is running the show.

"The chef at this location is the guy who worked the longest with the original Herrera's chef," Bonifaz said, as I sunk my teeth into sour cream enchiladas.

The food tasted as you'd expect if you've eaten the original, albeit with an overwhelming smell of lacquer that filled the dining area.

"All of the furniture was imported from Mexico," Bonifaz said of the large wooden tables, chairs and bar stools. The new location has the same mom-and-pop feel, but with a more grown-up flare. "Now, we just have to get people to show up," Bonifaz said.

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