Homesick Texan Releases Homesick Cookbook

Native Texan Lisa Fain is living the quintessential food blogger dream. After five years of compiling recipes in CSS and HTML, her writings will appear on paper in hardback, available on Amazon and at other booksellers this September 13th.

Fain has been a salve for displaced Texans, working up recipes with creative twists for those who miss their Lone Star home with a decisive slant toward Tex-Mex but the flexibility to examine anything she can loosely tie to the state. Kolashes and saag paneer enchiladas are right at home aside carnitas and borracho beans

I'm not from New York, but I am from far away, and her musings on the Northeast make me feel like I've found my inverse blogger. She covers the cuisine she misses from her home while I bitch and moan about missing the things from mine.

With all good books come book tours, and lest any of you worry about a star being too proud to pay homage to her roots, Fain will make many stops across Texas. On October 20, she comes to Dallas to sell and sign books from the Le Crueset Cookware store on Lovers Lane.

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