How 'Bout Them Knockers: A Yumi Year

Normally an end of the year Top 10 list should account for at least ten items--more if a tie score happens to muddle things. But the powers behind City of Ate (which would be us) sorta procrastinated until long about November, so...well, we only got around to testing out the services of seven food delivery joints in 2008.

But Yumi To Go dominated this abbreviated season, nabbing the fastest delivery time, shrugging off the horrendous degree-of-difficulty caused by creeping Oak Lawn traffic, putting up a strong effort on all fronts to emerge as 2008's home delivery champion.

The final standings:

  1. Yumi To Go 98
  2. Sushi Zushi 90 
  3. Picasso's Pizza and Grill 85.5
  4. Campisi's 84
  5. Angelo & Vito's 77
  6. Bangkok City (on Greenville) 73
  7. Chef Chu (North Dallas) 68

Of course, the folks "upstairs" (in the leather cushioned, mahogany furnitured, Pollock decored Village Voice executive suites) were likely rooting for Campisi's to pull off the victory. Something about the words "knockers" and "Campisi's" drew more traffic to our upstart blog than any other regular post. Not sure why.

Other highlights:
Best knock: the delivery guy from Angelo & Vito's, who tapped out the classic "shave and a haircut"
Best tentacles: Sushi Zushi
Best packaging: Campisi's, delivered rather appropriately in spillover proof cups
Worst packaging: Chef Chu's styrofoam trays
Fastest delivery: Yumi To Go (21 minutes)
Slowest delivery: Bangkok City (72 minutes)

How 'Bout Them Knockers returns January 5 for a full season of home delivery. Until then, happy holidays. And look for our upcoming behind the scenes episode, Knocker's Exposed: Campisi's

Just testing...
--City of Ate staff

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.