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Introducing Kimchi, Dallas' Newest Korean Fusion Food Truck. Also: Cheesesteaks.

Have you bumped into Hey Kimchi yet? Hopefully not; it's likely bigger than you are. You do want to get to know it though: Dallas' latest Korean-fusion food truck specializes in what they refer to as CupBop Rice, a cup of rice with layers of meat that add chewiness and layers of vegetables that add crunch. Other cup-based meals are likely starting to feel a little bit nervous.

I was all set to pick out my CupBop options but a second menu caught my eye, specifically the bulgogi cheesesteak. I hadn't had a cheesesteak in a few hours, so I knew that would be my order. Had I known what I was getting myself into, I might have decided on a couple of tacos instead.

Look at this thing.

The guy working the window was about to seal the lid when he paused and looked at me. "Do you wanna see it before I wrap it up?" he asked. I felt like I'd just laid down some serious plastic at Macy's.

It was a windy day and gusts pushed against the truck as I looked down at this mass of meat and melting cheese. I thought wouldn't have a chance but as I was about to walk away I was handed a fork and a single napkin. I took it as a challenge.

I worked through a little of the meat with the fork and then the next five minutes was a careful dance of holding my styrofoam container down so it wouldn't blow away, wiping bulgogi from my face with a quickly-deteriorating napkin and watching strings of cheese pull into thin threads in the wind. The meat was slightly sweet and the kimchi was mildly spiced. A single drop of mayonnaise stained red by other ingredients landed on my shoe and I was done.

At this point I decided that my napkin would do more harm than help, so I dragged my foot through the grass and that was it. I headed off with a small boulder in my belly and a newfound love.

I don't think I'll order that CupBob Rice concoction, ever. Not with a sandwich like that within reach.

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Scott Reitz
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