Jaxon Beer Garden's Lights Out Cocktail Will Bring Some Light Into Your Life

The Jaxon Lights Out cocktail kit
The Jaxon Lights Out cocktail kit Courtesy of Jaxon Beer Garden
We could all use a little light in our lives right now, and Jaxon Beer Garden is giving it to us in the form of a cocktail.

The Jaxon Lights Out cocktail is simple enough, but not so simple that any of us would try to make it at home. Let them do the heavy sifting.

The downtown behemoth of a beer garden is serving great food and drink, as well as the chance to experience the greatness from home with to-go cocktails.

One that caught my eye was the Jaxon Lights Out, a simple cocktail with vodka, hibiscus-blueberry tea and citrus.

While the vodka and lemon wouldn't be too hard to come by, they're taking care of the hard part by prepping the multi-ingredient tea syrup. (Trust me: That stuff gets messy. Leave it to the experts.)

Pick up a cocktail kit, grab an individual cocktail to-go, or join them for a meal to enjoy the Jaxon Lights Out.

Jaxon Lights Out ($10 for an individual cocktail, $40 for a seven-serving kit): Tito's vodka, hibiscus-blueberry tea, lemon juice

Jaxon Beer Garden, 311 S. Akard St. (downtown). Open for takeout and limited dine-in service 10:30 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday; and 10:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday through Saturday.
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Susie Oszustowicz