Kobe Spam?

Nothing will dampen the spread of the Dallas steak house: not mad cows, not prime beef at triple-bypass prices, not heinous visions of "downer cow" kielbasa (who has the spine for that?). And nothing will throw a bucket of A-1 on Dallas' lust for blue-blood beef. In fact, the steak house is going Wagyu, that pampered breed of cattle that in Japan drinks beer and is massaged with sake before it becomes ruinously expensive Kobe beef. Gary Yamamoto of Gary Yamamoto Custom Beef, a Wagyu cattle ranch and beef purveyor in Mabank, Texas, has charged Michael Scott, former executive chef at the Lakewood Country Club, with scouting for locations in Dallas in which to develop a Kobe beef steak house. The restaurant, to open within the next 12 months, will feature Japanese beef cuts, traditional steaks and sandwiches (Kobe cold cuts?), according to Yamamoto Custom Beef Marketing Director Mark Hoegh.

Feargal McKinney, pub maestro with Peter Kenny in the Old Monk and Dubliner, confirms that the pair is set to draft another pub in a defunct bar on that restaurant necropolis known as McKinney Avenue. McKinney says they've secured the former McDowd's Little Dublin, the 5,200-square-foot Irish pub that gasped last in the summer of 2001. And while McKinney (the man, not the dead zone) isn't sure of its final shape, he assures it won't have a heavy Irish accent and that it will open in April...In a recent article in Quick Service Restaurant magazine, Genghis Grill founder Jeff Sinelli claims he's "self-diagnosed ADD, and it translates into my entrepreneurial style...when I first started in the restaurant business, it was all from the hip." Which is perhaps why he sold Genghis with its plethora of bowl detritus to Tristan Simon's Consilient Restaurants to narrow his focus on one thing: sandwiches. Opened in December on Main Street downtown, Which Wich offers 40 hot "superior sandwiches" in 10 categories served on white, wheat and low-carb breads. And it's ripe for attention deficits: no soups, no salads, no deviled eggs; just soft drinks, chips and cookies to saddle with the "wich." And as with Genghis, Sinelli plans to spread and franchise Which Wich, starting with Austin... Fleming's Managing Partner Skip Fox, who just a couple of weeks ago told us that rumors foretelling the eminent closure of the prime steak house and wine bar were all passed gas (whatever happened to "no comment?"), now says Fleming's parent company sold the restaurant's property to a real estate investment firm. He adds that the company plans to open Fleming's units in Southlake and downtown-uptown Dallas (they were poised at one point to go into the former Star Canyon space) within the next 12 to 18 months.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.