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Casa Komali and LUCK Restaurants Close Their Doors for Good

LUCK was one of the first restaurants in Trinity Groves.
LUCK was one of the first restaurants in Trinity Groves. Taylor Adams
LUCK at Trinity Groves and Casa Komali on Cole Avenue have closed.

We got a tip midday Friday about LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen), but management denied they were closing. Then, hours later, word slipped out to more people. That’s one struggle with closing: It’s an insanely emotional time, and on top of that, it can be messy.

The restaurant was one of the early ones to enter the Trinity Groves development, serving some pretty acceptable bar food and a brunch I, personally, was a fan of.

The news of its closing was interesting considering one of its owners and chef, Daniel Pittman, stepped back from the restaurant just over five months ago. Makes you wonder what he might’ve been seeing.

Though he’s surely doing fine: The chef announced on Facebook this morning he’s taken a new concept and brand development role at Sinelli Concepts and will be their corporate chef.

Another bummer comes from a restaurant, Komali. This one was one of my favorite places back in 2013, and Observer critic Brian Reinhart put it in the Top 100 Restaurants list in 2018.

click to enlarge Pork belly tacos at Casa Komali - KATHY TRAN
Pork belly tacos at Casa Komali
Kathy Tran
“This longtime restaurant has recently gotten a spectacular facelift, with a beautiful new dining room that bathes in warm, welcoming light and reflects it back through woodwork and exquisite Mexican tile. In the kitchen, [Adrian] Alba, [Hugo] Galvan and their team make tortillas from scratch with flavorings like mole spices and guajillo pepper, to serve as foundations for inventive tacos. Tradition meets modernity in other dishes, too, like the chile en nogada, a Mexico City staple that’s hard to find anywhere else in North Texas,” Reinhart wrote.

One similarity the two restaurants had is that they had big changes in the past year: chef Hugo Galvan hasn't been with Komali for about six months now.

Komali wasn’t in our Top 100 list this past year.
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