KRLD Restaurant Week: Any Unexpected Treasures (Or Disappointments?)

KRLD Restaurant Week is now in full swing, and diners are exploring the pleasures of their favorite eating palaces at $35 a pop. So, now it's time to assess the state of our union.

Have you had any interesting or unusual stories to share from your Restaurant Week experiences? Have you tried a brand new place with trepidation, only to discover wonderful food, service, and atmosphere? Conversely, did you try that four-star gilded palace only to discover that it was made of tin, with horrible food and service?

Although restaurant goers are always a diverse crowd with diverse expectations, there always seem to be a few places that get all the buzz, while others come across as going through the motions, or worse yet, downright awful.

So, pray tell, what are your picks and pans so far this year?

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