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KRLD Restaurant Week: How Do You Make Your Reservations?

By now, you should have made your reservations at your favorite establishments for KRLD Restaurant Week (or Month as I like to call it, since the entire event can last up to three weeks at some places). If you used the link on, you were probably guided to the Open Table reservation system. Many diners across the country (it's nationwide) prefer to make reservations this way, because often when you call the restaurant itself during non-business hours, you will reach a voicemail and may or may not receive a call back. Also, fans of Open Table love to use the service so they can build up points toward redeemable dining cheques.

However, I've also read on food blogs in years past that some restaurants actually don't list all their available spots on Open Table, preferring to hold them back for their regular clientele. In other words, if you click for available times, you might not find that prime 7 p.m.dining slot on Saturday night, but if you call the restaurant, you can secure it.

So today's question: How do you prefer to make your reservations? Online or by phone? Also, which restaurants have you found that it pays to call for a table, even if they use Open Table?

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Chris Meesey

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