La Duni: Fuel Up So You Don't Drop
When You Shop

Each week, Happy Eating will highlight a different restaurant happy hour food menu, keeping you informed of what deals there are out there.

This week we seek refuge from the holiday shopping at La Duni.

Where: La Duni Latin Kitchen and Coffee Studio in NorthPark Center. When: 4-7 p.m daily with reverse happy hour at 9 p.m. to close. The Scene: During the happy hour hours of 4 to 7, the restaurant is probably the quietest place in the whole mall. Happy Hour is only served at the bar, and finding a seat isn't too difficult. The Deal: Not a lot, food wise. There's only one food item on the happy hour menu. The Steals: That one food item happens to be half off on their bowl of queso verde. Regularly priced at $12, during happy hour, it's $6. The Con: The slim pickings. Almost every other restaurant at NorthPark offers a plethora of happy hour food specials, but La Duni does pretty well for itself without having to do the same. Eat: Luckily, the queso verde, is gluttonously tasty. Think spinach dip with a kick. Also, the lack of happy hour food items is all the more reason to indulge in one of La Duni's fabulous desserts. Lushworthy: What La Duni lacks in the happy hour food category, it makes up for in the drinks department. Just ask to see their book full of award-winning drinks, which are discounted at half off the regular price.

The bottom line: If you're at the mall, starving and looking for a fiscally friendly meal, this wouldn't be the best place to visit during happy hour. For who need just a snack and a break from all the holiday shopping craziness, however, La Duni is a relaxing alternative to fighting off rabid happy hour crowds.

La Duni Latin Kitchen and Coffee Studio NorthPark Center 8687 N. Central Expressway, No. 1516


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