Louie's has great pizza, in-house or to go.EXPAND
Louie's has great pizza, in-house or to go.
Taylor Adams

Good to Go: Louie’s Pizzas Travel Well Enough To Remain Some of the Best

Good to Go is a column where our food writers explore Dallas’ restaurant scene through takeout orders, delivery boxes and reheated leftovers.

I remember the days when we’d crave Louie’s, but alas, it would be Monday, so we’d end up at Lakewood Landing.

That Monday rule still applies, but we can’t go to the Landing’s dining room, and we have to get Louie's pizza to go on the other days.

But thank goodness there’s that option.

You can still call to pick up food to go; they do have a limited menu, but if salad and pizza are what you’re after, you’re in fine shape during shelter-in-place orders. (Sorry if you're after their fillet of sole or souvlaki.)

They don’t do curbside, so you do have to walk in. At the very least, they’ve cleared the dining room of tables and chairs, so there’s more than enough room for adequate social distancing.

But don’t make the mistake we did and order on the weekend. Similar to pre-COVID-19 times, they’re busiest then, and you will have a long wait. We’re talking long: You’re told an hour, then get there and told it’s another 45 minutes.

But get this: They’re quiet on the weekdays. So do you yourself a favor and get in on this then.

It seems somewhat ridiculous to go into detail about this pizza; if you live in or near East Dallas, you already know it’s the best. But in case you need me to talk you into it:

This pizza has just the right crust density and crispness — one that holds up perfectly well in a box on the way home. Our drive wasn’t long, but our meal was, and the final bites still had that crunch that makes you keep eating.

The cheese mixture is perfect and plentiful, creating the ideal bed for whatever toppings you choose. Pies range from $12-$13, depending on size; toppings are generally $2, moving to $3, $8 or as high as $18 for the fancier stuff.

Who needs takeout containers?EXPAND
Who needs takeout containers?
Taylor Adams

The salads are still huge, Greek with a tangy bite and peppers you might fight your family members for.

Sure, sitting at a table that’s wobbling on the uneven floor, carefully handling your too-full Manhattan, is something best done in Louie’s dining room, where you’d frequently find elected officials doing the same.

But for now, this pizza at home is the next-best thing.

Louie’s, 839 N. Henderson Ave. (East Dallas). Open for takeout 5:30 to 10 p.m. Sunday and Tuesday through Wednesday; 5:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. Call 214-826-0505 to order.

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