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Turns out Marshmello's Coke Doesn't Taste at all Like Marshmallows

Coca-Cola's Marshmello can be found at stores around North Texas.
Coca-Cola's Marshmello can be found at stores around North Texas. Pierce Epperson
Earlier this summer, Coca-Cola release another new flavor, The Artist Marshmello’s Limited Edition Flavor.

Did you know “Marshmello” is a musical artist? Yep. You'd be wrong to think this Coke is going to be a liquid s’mores experience that will lift your mood and change your life. Because it won't. You'd just be the same now as you were before you purchased the Marshmello Coke, except that you'd have heartburn.

Marshmello is a DJ, and Coke let this DJ have a Coke flavor, and that Coke flavor tastes like what can best be described as “Bizarro Champagne.”

It tastes like an air freshener you would have put in your car in high school.

The liquid seems to immediately expand once it hits your tongue. Just a few sips of foam and you'll feel like you'd already imbibed a gallon of the stuff.
The drink is flavored with watermelon, strawberry and other natural flavors. Aside from the fruit, those other natural flavors are phenylalanine and sodium benzoate, which came through perfectly. “What is that, sodium benzoate?” you'll ask yourself, pleasantly surprised.

It's impossible to determine where the watermelon flavor ended and the strawberry began. This drink is like what one would imagine death is like: the experience of everything and nothing all at once. It has a “fruity” flavor, but you could have told me it was “cherry lime” or “mango berry.”  You could have said the whole thing was a bad dream, and that would be just as believable.

Marshmello Coke is to Coke as Camel Crush is to Camel.

It’s bad.

For a ranking, Coca-Cola Marshmello is better than Coke Dreamworld, but not as good as Coke Starlight. But you can’t get Starlight anymore, so you’ll have to trust us.
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