Meso Maya Number Two May Finally Be Opening

Remember when I reviewed Meso Maya in Preston Hollow last December? It was nearly a year ago that I interviewed chef Nico Sanchez and learned about the plans for a second Meso Maya location in the old Luna Tortilla building purchased by Mike Karns and the Firebird Restaurant Group LLC two years before.

Sanchez told me he was actively working menu ideas for the second location he hoped would offer more adventurous Mexican cooking, but a post on Culture Map claims the group known for it's popular El Fenix chain is pointed in a more conservative direction.

If the menu turns out to be exactly like the offering at the Preston Hollow location that's not a terrible thing. I was impressed with Meso Maya's tortillas made from freshly ground corn and found many of the dishes to be well composed.

Its a shame, though, that Sanchez's plans for a robust duck mole, grilled lamb and use of ingredients like huitlacoche and squash blossoms have been put on the back burner, suggesting that the dishes he was testing while I interviewed him didn't work out the way he would have liked with his customers.

Meanwhile, in Oak Cliff, the cooking at Mesa continues to push the boundaries of their customer's expectations. Cochinita pibil, lobster enchiladas and a slew of new soups and stews have recently been added to the menu, and that fabulous duck mole they've been serving since the restaurant opened is still safe and sound.

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