Sign taped to the front door of Mi Piaci
Sign taped to the front door of Mi Piaci

Mi Piaci Cucina, the Short-Lived Restaurant That Replaced Short-Lived Ocho, Has Closed

This is not the sort of sign you want to see taped to the door of a restaurant where you've held a long-awaited reservation for Easter Bunch, but customers who walked up to Mi Piaci's shiny glass windows expecting drinks and food have been met with locked doors since last Friday.

The landlord has changed the locks to these premises due to failure to pay rent... The landlord has elected to terminate the lease effective immediately.

This is the second time Mi Piaci has closed in less than a year. Last summer, the Addison location of the restaurant shuttered for similar reasons, after a notice was pinned to the door and the landlord filed a lawsuit. Owner Brian Black moved the restaurant and employees to its current space in Preston Center, replacing another restaurant he'd opened a year before and recently closed, Ocho Kitchen & Cocktails.

Ocho received a no-star review in the Dallas Morning News just two months after opening, and its replacement, Mi Piaci, followed with a single star review. Neither restaurant made it more than a year in the Preston Center address.


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