On Rotation, a New Dallas Brewery and Taproom, Is Now Open in Lakewood

On Rotation, a new taproom and brewery opened next to Lakewood's Cane Rosso, opened over the weekend. The self-described craft beer laboratory didn't have any house brews to offer, but their computer controlled brewing system was on display behind a large glass door. Boiling and fermentations tanks sat at the ready, as customers in the dining room worked their way through a list of more that 40 craft brews.

The space is definitely minimalist. Subway tile lines the back wall, but other than that the only thing that gives the room any character is the seating. Just shy of full, the place was loud, and the sound bounced back and forth between the cement floors and open ceiling.

If you're not worried about atmosphere, though, there are plenty of beers to work through. They're offered in a half and full pour and are priced quite reasonably. I chugged seven ounces of Martin House saison and it only set me back $3.

When the house brews do finally start flowing, the place will be anything but ordinary. Owners Lindsay and Jacob Sloan plan to cook up creative flavor combinations including jalapeño saison, peach cobbler ale, cafe au lait milk stout and more. Stop in for a wide selection of local and domestic craft beers now, and be sure to drop back in February when the house brew will start flowing.

On Rotation, 7328 Gaston Ave., No. 110,

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Scott Reitz
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