Proof + Pantry has closed, according to signage on the front door of the Arts District restaurant.EXPAND
Proof + Pantry has closed, according to signage on the front door of the Arts District restaurant.
Beth Rankin

Proof + Pantry Closes Over Nonpayment of Rent

After four years at One Arts Plaza, Proof + Pantry has closed, according to signage posted on the restaurant's doors and a post yesterday from CultureMap.

Michael Martensen's cocktail bar and restaurant, popular with Arts District show-goers, shuttered last week. According to a letter posted to the restaurant's door, the restaurant has defaulted on its lease.

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"As you are aware, pursuant to Section 16(a) of the Lease, an Event of Default exists under the Lease due to Tenant's failure to pay Rent when due," the letter reads. "Landlord has further become aware that Tenant is delinquent in its obligations to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to file required reports and/or to pay franchise taxes in violation of Section 16(c) of the Lease. Therefore, pursuant to Section 17(b) of the Lease, Landlord has elected to terminate Tenant's possession of the Premises; and, pursuant to Section 17(e) of the lease, the landlord has elected to alter the lock at the Premises."

Martensen has been in Mexico working at a resort for several months while, until recently, Proof + Pantry carried on as usual in his absence. He posted a response to Proof's closure yesterday on Facebook:

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