Say "Howdy" to Your New Favorite Ice Cream Shop

Powered by a belief in "Kermit-ology," a GoFundMe page and an eyes-roll-into-the-back-of-your-head great Dr Pepper chocolate chip ice cream, Howdy Homemade opened its doors to Dallas' lovers and dreamers last month.  The brain-child of Tom Landis (owner of two Texadelphia locations), this is ice cream with a mission: to provide delicious homemade ice cream and create jobs for special needs employees. As if we needed extra incentive to indulge. 

You'll be greeted with a warm welcome, then instantly floored by the wide array of flavors. The rotating selection ranges from tame-but-tasty selections like strawberry, to more adventurous flavors like avocado, red velvet, hot tamale, and "minion" flavor (blueberry-lemon). Caffeine fiends will revel in the coffee flavor, made with espresso from neighboring Drip Coffee. You really can't leave without trying their signature "world's first" Dr Pepper chocolate chip. How does one choose? Obviously, the only solution is to visit daily.

Not only are the flavors uh-mazing, but the texture is uniquely creamy. Using special high-tech freezers, the ice cream is kept super-chilled to maintain optimal flavor and texture profiles. The Howdy Homemade folks have obviously worked at their ice cream science, putting them in the running for best ice cream in Dallas.

You can't help but be happy here, with pop-y music playing in the background and the cheerful glow of the pink neon "now churning" sign. If you're lucky, you may also get to shake the hand of local legend Coleman Jones while you're there.  His accolades include not only "vice president of ice cream," but also Highland Park Special Olympics basketball star. Apparently, he was too busy nailing a last-minute win at the Midlothian Basketball Tournament this past Saturday to prep sandwiches. We forgive you, Coleman. Because ... ice cream.

Howdy Homemade, 4333 Lovers Lane,
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Kellie Reynolds
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