Suki Otsuki Discusses What She’s Bringing to Meddlesome Moth as Executive Chef

Chef Suki Otsuki
Chef Suki Otsuki
Meddlesome Moth
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Nearly 10 years ago when Meddlesome Moth opened, Suki Otsuki was there as sous chef, getting things rolling.

Since then, she’s gone on to other things — such as Mudhen Meat and Greens — and the Design District has seen plenty of multifamily buildings go up and most of us just call the restaurant “the Moth” now.

Since early September, Otsuki has been the executive chef of the place that has been a reliable spot for plenty of beer on tap.

“I’ve done some menu changes: Lunch was definitely the first one I wanted to tackle. There were so many opportunities; I wanted to round it out, give some lighter offerings,” she says. “Then brunch, that was next: Dallas loves brunch.”

She’s also changed the brunch hours.

“We weren’t offering brunch on Saturdays. That was one of the first couple of things I thought: Many people really are coming in for brunch. I feel like Dallas, that’s what they look for.”

And on that menu are now more “things you’d expect.”

“Like a solid omelet, a great Benedict, a pastry board, things you’re looking for when it’s early and you don’t want to make decisions,” she says.

One new item on the lunch menu includes a pork belly banh mi, which she says is lighter than what was previously on there, as well as a steak salad.

As for dinner, she says she doesn't have plans to change much immediately.

"I felt like there was so much effort put into dinner, which is great. I've not really wanted to do too much, maybe seasonal changes," she says.

Otsuki has been pretty much a lifetime chef, going to culinary school right after high school. After that, a friend offered her a line cook position at the Stoneleigh, just after a renovation, and she’s since made her way up. She's also worked at Lark on the Park and House of Blues Dallas.

“I opened next month 10 years ago as sous chef, and coming back, you kind of forget how cool and beautiful and interesting it is,” she says. “There are certain restaurants, when you step into them, there’s an energy about it, and Moth has that. It’s one of my favorite restaurants.”

Meddlesome Moth, 1621 Oak Lawn Ave. (Design District). Open 11 a.m.-midnight Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Friday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday.

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