Suze's Jeffery Hobbs: Everybody Get Together Now

Yesterday, Suze chef/partner Jeffery Hobbs told City of Ate about himself. Today, he shares a few thoughts on dining in Dallas.

What are the five Dallas restaurants you go to most often? Maple & Motor, for a bacon cheeseburger with charred jalapeños. Rafa's, for Steve's Steak Tacos. Drip Coffee. Parigi, for Ninny's Salad. Tei-An, for the truffled buckwheat risotto.

What are five things the Dallas restaurant scene needs more of? We need to support each other more. We need more camaraderie -- chefs getting together outside of a fundraising event, cooking barbecue and drinking beer and shooting the shit. Dallas restaurants also need more consistent service.

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What are five things the Dallas restaurant scene needs less of? Competition. There are enough diners to go around. We don't need to worry about marking our territory. Oh, and we need fewer frozen yogurt shops.

What is the best of Dallas when it comes to restaurants? Overall, I think Dallas is known for its hospitality, and it shows in our restaurants. That may sound like a contradiction, because earlier I said we need better service, but you can have hospitality -- a great owner or maitre d' -- but lousy service.

What is the worst of Dallas when it comes to restaurants? Overpriced mediocrity, inexperienced operators, bad execution.

If you could steal one dish off another Dallas chef's menu, what would it be? Teiichi's truffled buckwheat risotto at Tei An.

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