The cookie for those of us with impulse control issues.
The cookie for those of us with impulse control issues.
Courtesy of the Dough Dough

The Dough Dough Is Opening a Cookie Dough Restaurant In Dallas Next Month

If your New Year's resolution is to stop potentially poisoning yourself by eating raw cookie dough, things are looking up. Next month, The Dough Dough opens its first storefront, introducing the edible cookie dough concept to Dallas. Not everyone "gets" why this is a thing, but those of us who do get it—we really get it. If that means we have to endure two-hour waits in line, the likes of which New York and L.A. have witnessed in the wake of similar openings, well hey—that's when caffeinated mania comes in pretty handy.

Brace yourself, for possibilities abound.  Single scoop cups ($4) are offered in over 10 flavors (including cookies 'n cream, gluten-free options, seasonal flavors, and of course good ol' original chocolate chip). If you're fancy, create your own custom flavor, add a cone for $1.50, or top it with whipped cream and turn it into a sundae for $10. The anticipated cue-cherubs-trumpeting-Hallelujah moment? Ice.Cream.Doughwich: cookie dough ice cream sandwiched between two squares of chocolate chip cookie dough.

The key to entrepreneur Gina Ginsburg's safe-to-eat cookie dough recipe is pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour. It'll keep for 3 weeks refrigerated, 3 months frozen, and most flavors can be baked up into deliciously buttery, conventional-style cookies. For those of us who can't wait until February for the store (at Preston and Forest) to open, good news: The Dough Dough delivers. If you're willing to shell out some dough of your own ($50 minimum, $15 local delivery fee), send an email to orders@thedoughdough.com.

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