Theodore Boasts Killer Team and Wes Anderson Theme

The Theodore will open in November at NorthPark mall with a star studded staff. The Turn the Tables Hospitality Group behind Smoke, Bolsa, Spork and more announced the opening, tucking a tasty nugget of information into the bio for co-owner Chris Jeffers. Movies have been used as inspiration for many elements in the restaurant group's designs. Smoky and the Bandit often plays on the screen at the first Smoke in West Dallas, and the second location in Plano has a few nods to Fandango, for instance. The design at The Theodore will draw from Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I have my hopes that instead of valet, customers will be shuttled to and from their cars by lightning-quick go karts, that a massive likeness of Bill Murray will be painted in the bathroom and that Margot will perpetually be smoking a cigarette at the bar. These dreams are unlikely to come true, but you never know. Jeffers claims The Theodore will forever change our expectations of dining inside shopping malls. Something big has to happen.

The announcement also names much of the staff. Scott Romano, who recently spent time as chef at the Frisco Gun Club, will take charge of the daily kitchen duties. Brooks Cameron will be sous chef as will Guillermo “GMO” Tristan, who was recently at Remedy. Kyle Hilla, transferring from Bolsa, will be the man behind the bar.

NorthPark Center has seen some ambitious restaurants as far as shopping mall standards go. The Theodore hopes to eclipse them all by offering a menu based on re-imagined American classics.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.