Tomato Pie Pizza Brings St. Louis-Style Pizza to Preston and Forest (Photos)

Tomato Pie Pizza recently opened at 11661 Preston Road, on the southwest corner of Preston and Forest, just down the sidewalk from Panera Bread. Owner Ryan Noles relocated, along with a few family members, from the Midwest to test his St. Louis-style family-owned joint in the metroplex. The thin crust pizza with housemade sauce starts at just $8 (10" cheese mini) and goes up to $18.95 for a 16" specialty.

The menu also includes salads, pastas and sandwiches (roast beef with au-jus, meatball, Italian combo, and ham or salami, all for $6.95).

Right now Tomato Pie is a (free) delivery and take-out spot. The space is small and they'll have a few bistro tables soon, but for now, they don't have any tables or chairs.

The lunch specials are pretty decent at $8.95 and include five different options, like a 10" 1-topping pizza and side salad, a full-sized salad and cheese garlic bread, toasted ravioli and a side salad, pasta and salad, or sandwich and salad.

The salads look inspiring for those with an eye toward thong-bikini season. They make their house dressing from scratch.

The staff is really nice and seems eager to please and to find their place in this particularly packed area.

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