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Tre Wilcox Surfaces With New Cooking School

It has been quiet on the Tre Wilcox front since the celebrity chef left Village Marquee. Known for his time on Bravo's Top Chef, Wilcox has been spending the past few years working as a private chef, offering cooking classes, catering and consulting on a number of concepts he wouldn't discuss.

His latest offering, however, is out in the open. Wilcox will launch Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts early next year. His space, located at Headquarters Plaza on Preston Road in Plano, was designed to mimic a network television food program studio kitchen. Stainless steel carts and stained concrete floors will serve as a backdrop for massive chef’s tables made from reclaimed railroad cars, and professional kitchen equipment.

Wilcox will use the space to offer one-on-one and group classes and host corporate events. I'm picturing novice home cooks learning why it's so important to keep a pan hot and dry while searing meat, and learning how to turn everyday ingredients like beets and asparagus into light and fluffy foams.

Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts, 8200 Preston Road, Suite 135, Plano,

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Scott Reitz
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