Twisted Root Burger Co. Goes as American as Apple Pie With New Desserts

Since the tall tale of Johnny Appleseed was planted in the American vernacular, apples have been a symbol of the nation. This is most apparent in the old adage, "As American as apple pie." The chefs at Twisted Root Burger Co., have taken this to heart and will be premiering two apple desserts, Apple Pie Milkshake and the Apple Peanut Butter Snow Cone, on Monday, July 5th. Both will be available for the entire month at three Twisted Root Burger Co.'s locations.

Monthly sweets specials are nothing new, says proprietor/chef/bartender/busboy, Jason Boso. "We have a different milkshake special every month. We try to incorporate seasonal items and seasonal themes. We do a pumpkin milkshake in November and a peppermint milkshake in December. What could be better than an All-American Apple Pie Milkshake in July? The Apple Peanut Butter Snow Cone is just because I had the apples and I love the combo of peanut butter and green apples."

Fireworks are hot, but in the metroplex's scorching summer, Twisted Root Burger's superlative treats will be sure-fire cool-down sensations. "We expect to sell about 100 milkshakes a day. We may sell about 10 of the snow cones a day. (It's a little odd for some people.)" We disagree on that last point -- are we the only ones who have noticed the plethora of snow cone stands throughout D/FW?

Twisted Root Burger Co. 5609 SMU Blvd., Suite 102 214-570-5999

730 E. Campbell Road, Suite 330 Richardson 214-570-9999

101 S. Oak St. Roanoke 817-490-6628

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