Upcoming One Arts Restaurant Changes Its Name To "The Greek"

Maybe, just sometimes, dreams do come true. When I penned a blog post last month fantasizing about a perfect menu for Meze, the new restaurant from the Ziziki's folks that will replace Commissary in One Arts Plaza, I was certain it would fall on deaf ears. No more small plates I begged, and I hoped for freshly baked bread from a fiery oven.

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I'm not suggesting I should get an ounce of credit, but I was excited as I read the latest news release from the restaurant.

As the menu evolved and expanded from a focus on solely mezes (small plates) to pitas, mezes and big platters, we found the name Meze was too limiting and confused the public who did not immediately recognize that meze was Greek..

There will be no confusion now. The restaurant "formerly known as Meze" (that hasn't even opened yet) will be known as "The Greek." Pita has been added to a tagline of meze and wine on the logo, though the release doesn't describe how the bread is made. It's expected to open on October 15.

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