We Try Bob's Burgers of the Day at Alamo Drafthouse

The Glazed and Confused Burger
The Glazed and Confused Burger Lauren Drewes Daniels
The Bob's Burgers Movie premiered this weekend, and if you and yours have logged all 232 episodes of priceless family time listening to Tina's anxiety moans and dreams of Jimmy Jr.'s butt, then you won't be disappointed with the movie.

Logging 86% on Rotten Tomatoes thus far, the movie, which was directed by Bob's Burgers creator Loren Bouchard, has all of the same voice actors from the TV show, along with songs and some amazingly awkward and beautiful dance scenes.

The plot involves Bob's ever present borderline financial ruin and a giant sinkhole that ruptures just in front of the restaurant. Not to give anything away, but of course, Louise ends up at the bottom of the sinkhole with a mouthful of a dead guy's teeth. It's perfect.
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The special menu was created just for this movie.
Lauren Drewes Daniels
Alamo Drafthouse created an entire menu of Bob's Burgers Burgers of the Day. Per the website "Bob himself" created these burgers, all of which are available while watching the movie. In a true dream fulfilled, we tried them all while watching the movie Monday evening.

Have you ever ordered food in a movie theatre and then because of the super-strict phone policy (which you appreciate) you're forced to take all your food into the lobby so you can get a photo of it? It's not recommended. It's about as awkward as Jimmy Jr. dancing. We snagged some really quickly.
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Show-stopping poutine fries.
Lauren Drewes Daniels
We started with the amazing Poutin on the Ritz loaded fries ($13). The thin French fries are extra crispy, covered in a beef brown gravy, blue cheese crumbles, grated cheese and crunchy green onions. And even though bacon wasn't listed as an ingredient, we're pretty sure there was some.

The Glazed and Confused Burger (photo at top) has bacon and caramelized onions along with a bourbon-brown-sugar glaze. The black and white sesame seeds atop the fluffy buttered and toasted bun give it a little extra something.
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The Back in Blackened Chicken Sandwich
Lauren Drewes Daniels
The Back in Blackened Chicken Sandwich comes with a well-seasoned chicken breast topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon and Cajun-spiced aioli. It's one of the better grilled chicken sandwiches we've had in a while.
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The Cauliflower is Cumin from Inside The House Burger
Lauren Drewes Daniels
There's also a vegetarian option. Honestly, The Cauliflower is Cumin from Inside The House Burger was fantastic, although a bit messy as the patty sort of crumbled apart with each bite. But it was topped with a generous amount of roasted garlic aioli, fried cauliflower and sprinkled with some cumin.

Each burger is $17.50 and comes with fries. Soda is $6 each ($6!). We didn't get to try Linda's Wine Train Sangria — maybe next time. It makes for a really expensive family evening out, so if you don't have to bring extras, don't. Just you and Bob's Burgers would do just great. (In the usual audio recording to discourage cell phone use before the movie at Alamo Drafthouse, Bob himself asks if his kids get kicked out for being too loud do parents have to leave too. The answer was no.)

The Bob's Burgers Movie is playing at Alamo Drafthosue theaters in Richardson, The Cedars, Lake Highlands and Denton. 
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