What Makes Kozy Kitchen Cozy?

What makes Kozy Kitchen cozy? It's definitely the comfort food the restaurant serves and not its stark décor. Kozy Kitchen's atmosphere actually feels pretty sterile with its nine vertical paintings on the walls, brown vinyl booths, dark brown wood chairs and blackish brown Formica tables. There's no cozy fireplace or big, overstuffed couch in the restaurant.

But if you speak to executive chef Nicolas Pavageaux, who's known as Chef Nic, you'll learn how passionate he is about the food he creates and the concept to "keep old things new." Chef Nic told City of Ate that Kozy Kitchen is "old school" and that he "makes the food like his grandma prepared it -- from scratch, nothing is outsourced." Chef Nic serves "clean comfort food" and says that it "makes you feel good inside."

Kozy Kitchen is a perfect place to take a date. It's not overrun with hordes of people and doesn't require reservations made months in advance. It's a neighborhood BYOB restaurant. And like you all know, most dates get cozier if there's drinking involved.

The food tastes fresh. A woman who ordered the Kozy Salad with scallops could not stop raving about the diver sea scallops over organic greens, mixed with green apples, cucumbers, strawberries, blue cheese and vinaigrette dressing. And get ready for the desserts; they so good you'd never know that all of them are gluten free.

Chef Nic said he perfected the cake recipes over six years. Like the rest of the food on the Kozy menu all desserts are in-house from scratch. Chef Nic named the chocolate cake layered with peanut butter mousse and white chocolate cream cheese frosting the "Oh My God Cake" because "Better than Sex was already taken." He compares a piece of the "Oh My God Cake" to a big Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Kozy Kitchen's warmth comes from its food and the pride it staff takes in making it. There's obvious truth to the motto on the Kozy Kitchen menu that reads "Real Food, Real People, Real Kozy."

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