Who's Your Daddy? UrbanDaddy
Cooks Up a "Dallas" Dessert

UrbanDaddy, a free daily e-mail service, touts its ability to suss out the "single thing you need to know every day about your city." What many subscribers don't know is the magazine's also in the business of creating the screwball foods and drinks that populate its hot list, including a new dessert at Tillman's Roadhouse.

UrbanDaddy, which publishes 10 city-specific editions, entered the Dallas market last month.

"I've been getting the New York and L.A. editions for about two years, and they always had the coolest stuff," Tillman's spokesman Josh Madans says. "It kind of makes sense now."

According to Madans, UrbanDaddy contacted Tillman's over a month ago to ask whether the Oak Cliff restaurant would be willing to develop "some crazy cool stuff." Tillman's first proposed a boozy cupcake with a shot of liquor at its center.

"They said, 'We think cupcakes are on the way out,'" Madans recalls. "They started wanting something with Rice Krispies."

UrbanDaddy described the resultant "bacon Rice Krispies treat ice cream sandwich" in yesterday's newsletter: "This is what would happen if your mother's Rice Krispies snacks collided with an ice cream truck and a bacon silo."

The ice cream, fudge and house-smoked bacon sandwich goes on sale tomorrow, and will remain on the menu throughout the weekend - or longer, if it's "a big hit," Madans says.

"I can't say I understand it 100 percent, but it sounds good, right?" Madans says.

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