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Wow Donuts and Drips: The Picture Perfect Doughnut Does Exist

Seeing is believing at Wow Donuts and Drips.
Seeing is believing at Wow Donuts and Drips. Anisha Holla
Doughnut connoisseur David Sim is at it again, this time in the heart of Dallas.

Wow Donuts and Drips has a location off Teel Parkway in Frisco, where it has grown a quick following among the city’s residents. With this second location, that following will certainly expand.

With flavors that span from the classic creme brûlée to a more exotic honey lavender, Sim’s creative (and aesthetic) doughnut collection stands out against the chocolate and glazed flavors at your standard joint. Wow has gained an impressive social media presence since its opening, catching the eyes of Instagrammers, food bloggers and TikTokers all looking for the picture-perfect social media post.
click to enlarge Sticky buns and Biscoff Creme - ANISHA HOLLA
Sticky buns and Biscoff Creme
Anisha Holla
While the Dallas location does offer ordering online, we suggest you go take a good look at the doughnut case in person before choosing. Doughnuts come with fillings such as lavender cream or cheesecake mousse and toppings ranging from fresh fruit to crispy bacon strips. No matter your preference in flavors, textures or colors, Wow probably has something to satisfy your early-morning sugar cravings.

Doughnuts are categorized on the menu by price, with Wow’s fancier selections priced slightly higher. Customers can, of course, indulge in the more standard glazed doughnuts for a base price of $1.26, but  Wow’s specialty doughnuts seem to be gaining the most traction.

Try the Biscoff Creme doughnut, which offers a fluffy doughnut topped with an airy Biscoff-flavored cream and a cookie butter drizzle. It’s like taking a bite straight out of a Biscoff cookie, except with some added layers of texture.
click to enlarge Lavender and honey doughnut - ANISHA HOLLA
Lavender and honey doughnut
Anisha Holla
Also don’t skip on the honey lavender, a doughnut stuffed with fluffy lavender-flavored cream that oozes out with every bite. It's topped with a honey-flavored chocolate comb. Other popular options include a maple bacon and a chocolate Bavarian.

Prices for the Wow doughnuts vary but stand at around $4. Although a slightly higher price than your typical donut shop, it’s pretty clear that Wow Donut and Drips … well … isn’t your typical doughnut shop.

In addition to their wildly flavored doughnuts, Wow also sells mochi doughnuts ($2.55), larger pastries ($5 and up), and honey butter crescent sausage rolls ($2.55). You may want to buy them in bulk though; they’re addicting. Don’t be surprised if the box ends up empty sooner than you expected.

If you’re looking for a morning pickup, you might turn your attention to the “drips” half of the menu, which includes a broad selection of coffees and lattes ranging from the honey chamomile latte ($4.78) to the matcha horchata drink ($5.57). Be warned though; Wow Donuts and Drops in Dallas opens and closes its doors early, with standard hours from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Wow Donuts and Drips, 5601 W. Loves Lane (Dallas), 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday - Sunday
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