Your First Look at Savor, Klyde Warren Park's New Restaurant

Klyde Warren Park's first official restaurant, Savor, has opened its doors to the public. Sort of.

The restaurant, which calls itself a "modern gastropub," is currently serving dinner, but plans to open for lunch in the next month or so. Savor (along with Relish, the restaurant's smaller, more casual sibling) is led by executive Chef John Coleman, who has created a menu that's share-plate heavy.

Communal dishes include pork belly meatballs ($11), cornbread crab cakes ($17), goat cheese and mushroom flatbread ($12) and grilled bacon served with shaved bosc pear, watercress, radicchio, topped with aged sherry vinegar and pickled mustard seeds ($12). Other plates offered, for people who'd rather not share their food, include grilled Gulf cobia ($25), barbeque shrimp and grits ($21) and housemade gnocchi ($19).

The restaurant is sleekly designed; the space is fully encased by floor-to-ceiling glass, giving diners a full view of Klyde Warren Park. And for those who'd rather dine in the park, there are two patios and 150 seats outside. We have a feeling these seats will be very popular once the weather cools down.

Here are some more photos of the space:

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