Hijinks at Trees

Long-overdue debuts

While we still can't believe someone forgot to stage a reenactment of Turner Van Blarcum's infamous beatdown of Kurt Cobain at Trees (there's a video file of it somewhere on the Internet), we have to say that the club has gone out its way to throw a kick-ass 10-year anniversary shindig for itself. Though the party's been going on all month, the hijinks really get underway this weekend, with performances by the Old 97's on Thursday and The Toadies on Friday and Saturday. Joining The Toadies will be some of the city/state's finest, including Austin's Spoon and ...and you will know us by the trail of dead, [DARYL], Chomsky, Doosu, Pleasant Grove, Baboon, and Pinkston (who recently won the third round of the Lucky Strike Band-to-Band competition). The Friday and Saturday night shows will be split between outdoor and indoor stages; one ticket gets you into both. [DARYL], Spoon, and The Toadies will play outside on Friday, followed by Doosu and Pleasant Grove inside, and Trail of Dead and Chomsky will join The Toadies in the parking lot on Saturday, with Baboon and Pinkston bringing up the rear indoors. Trees will finish the month strongly as well, with shows featuring the New Bohemians, Suicidal Tendencies, The Reverend Horton Heat, Hagfish, Yo La Tengo, and the Meat Puppets, among others. We're still hoping someone will hook up a tussle between Van Blarcum and a Cobain impersonator. Too bad Loveswing broke up...

From what we hear, Lift to Experience's long-promised debut, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, will be a double-disc set when it finally hits stores later this year (well, probably) on Bella Union Records, the U.K.-based indie label run by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins. The group has been working on the record(s) for what seems like years now, tinkering with it, rerecording parts, sometimes entire songs. If memory serves, a completed version of Texas-Jerusalem was scrapped at one point. But from the little we've actually heard, you'll be able to hear why it has taken so long when it makes its way into a bin at a record store near you. No telling when that may actually happen...

The Paper Chase's first album, Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know, which has been delayed due to artwork problems, should be in stores soon, if it hasn't already trickled into a few by now. Contrary to one local musician's opinion, the group does not sound like Primus, and the record (which includes Centro-matic's Will Johnson on a couple of tracks) is worth the wait. And someone actually bet us we couldn't work Johnson's name into our column this week. That wasn't even our first choice...

Stevie always did want to be Jimi: SRV empties Stevie Ray Vaughan's vault. Maybe.
Stevie always did want to be Jimi: SRV empties Stevie Ray Vaughan's vault. Maybe.

If you haven't gone to one of the Slow-Cooked Sundays that Budapest One's Keith Killoren puts together at Steve's BBQ in Denton, well, you're not only missing out on performances by the likes of Little Grizzly, Slobberbone's Brent Best, Joe Cripps, and Paul Slavens (last Sunday's lineup), but you're also skipping some mighty fine grub. (His ribs would make a militant vegan have second thoughts.) Also, we've been told that at a recent Slow-Cooked Sunday, a duo by the name of Mr. Miyagi's Protégé made its first--and, unfortunately, last--public appearance, with a set of Karate Kid-themed songs, as well as a cover of Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love," which you may remember as the "love theme" from the second installment of the trilogy. (No one counts The Next Karate Kid, especially the Academy Award-winning Hilary Swank.) So, really, check it out, because you never know what's going happen. Or, as Killoren himself so eloquently put it, "Stop being a dumb fucker and come to Steve's." You heard the man...

As we reported last week, Reed Easterwood will celebrate the release of his seventh disc, Go To Work Tomorrow You Fuckin' Jerk, with gigs on September 23 at the Barley House, and September 29 at the Gypsy Tea Room. (If you can't wait until then, the album is already available in MP3 form on his Web site, www.lookatwhatwegot.com.) Joining Easterwood and crew at the Tea Room show will be Pat McKanna, whom you may recall as the front man of The Trees, and Ruffled Feathers, which includes Chris Purdy, ex of Slowpoke. Ruffled Feathers, who have a tape floating around with a few songs recorded by Centro-matic's Matt Pence, recently wrapped a week's worth of recording sessions at the Bethel Assembly of God Church in Arlington. No telling where those songs will end up, but if they're anything like the tape Purdy sent us, you should hunt 'em down...

While we've never been big fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan--we happen to like, you know, songs with our guitar solos--but we'll admit a certain fascination with the never-ending stream of post-mortem product bearing his name and maybe one or two "new" songs (read: lengthy, directionless guitar jams.) Hey, he always wanted to be like Jimi Hendrix, and Hendrix is certainly the only other dead guitar hero who can match Vaughan's production from beyond the grave. But it seems as if the vault will finally be emptied once Epic/Legacy releases SRV, a three-disc boxed set featuring, from what the PR flacks tell us, 70 percent new material. Which means that 70 percent of the set, due out on November 21, is stuff you probably don't want to hear. But wait, there's more: SRV will also contain a DVD with six songs Vaughan taped for Austin City Limits that never made it onto the show, as well as essays by former governor Ann Richards, Austin Chronicle hack Margaret Moser, Guitar World's Alan Paul, Jack Chase, and a Q&A session with Vaughan and Andy Aledort. If this doesn't close the books on Vaughan's career, someone needs to get a silver bullet...

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