Monday Nite Fights

Monday, January 22, at the Caribbean Grill

When an open mike or amateur night advertises itself as "one of Dallas' great unknown treasures," you get the cynical inkling that it's perhaps "unknown" for a reason. And if such a description is applied to a weekly 8 Mile-esque rap battle and dance-off that happens to be held at a bar 'n' grill joint in a strip mall up on Forest Lane, expectations start to sink below sea level. But things start to look up when you consider who's running things over at Caribbean Grill on Monday nights. Headkrack, of KBFB-97.9 FM "The Beat," is by far one of the best battlers in the metroplex, and he's got the trophy case to prove it. Think you can take on the "One-Man Army"? If challenged, he'll no doubt spend half the night handing your ass to you and still wake up in plenty of time to fulfill morning-show duties for Rickey Smiley. But it'll still be the most fun you've ever had on a Monday night.

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