Symphony for the Devil

The PSO plays for children

Family Symphony Sundays is a series of concerts put on by the Plano Symphony Orchestra with the goal of instilling a love for music in rosy-cheeked young innocents. Knowing Plano, however, half of the target audience will be stoned out of their minds on cheese for Sunday's "Swingin' Strings" concert at the Courtyard Theatre, 1501 Ave. H in Plano. Just kidding, Plano. The program also includes the Instrument Petting Zoo, illegal in 14 states but nevertheless a thrill for the kiddies. The series continues with "Whirlin' Winds" on January 18, "Boomin' Brass" on February 22 and "Poundin' Percussion" on March 8, so you've got plenty of chances to pet those instruments yet, kiddos. Tickets are $7 to $11, or $27 to $47 for all four concerts. Call 972-473-7262 or visit
Sun., Jan. 11; Sun., Jan. 18; Sun., Feb. 22; Sun., March 8, 2009
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