Ordinary Days Is Filled with Musical Magic

A small show that packs a mighty emotional wallop, the four-person musical Ordinary Days has a few more performances by Our Productions Theatre Company in the studio space at Addison's Theatre Center. If you like bittersweet sung-through mini-musicals like [title of show], this one, just 80 minutes long, will leave you smiling and full of warm fuzzies.

Composed by Adam Gwon, directed by Stephanie Riggs, with musical direction and keyboard accompaniment by Mark Mullino, Ordinary Days follows the intersecting lives of two New York City couples. Adorably goofy artist Warren (Matthew Silar) stands on street corners handing out inspirational slogans. Grad student Deb (Juliette Talley) frets over her thesis when she's not losing things from an overstuffed tote bag. Shy Jason (David Price) longs to share his life with emotionally blocked Claire (Sarah Elizabeth Smith), who hasn't moved on from the tragic loss of a previous love.

With songs that sound like Sondheim lite, Ordinary Days weaves a dreamy spell. They sing of love and fear, of longing and loss.

The staging is simply but delicately paced. Scenery by Scott Kirkham suggests skyscrapers and museum walls. Lighting by Julie Simmons is exceptionally pretty.

Everyone in the cast sings brightly and without superfluous flourishes. If Silar and Talley come across with more charm than Price and Smith, it's because they get the funny bits. Lovely stuff here.

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Elaine Liner
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