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Davy Rothbart is a wanderer, a wonderer and a magnet for eccentricity. He’s united those strengths to build an admirable DIY résumé: He’s the long-time editor of Found Magazine, which has compiled and published discarded curiosities as a popular zine for more than 10 years. He’s become a regular contributor to This American Life, where he regales Ira Glass and us with unbelievable true tales from his own life; trips to India for shamanistic medical guidance, visits with Mister Rogers and stories about hustling tickets as a scalper are all on the table. He’s just published his second book, a collection of shorts called My Heart is an Idiot. And if you love anything else on Davy’s CV, you’ll fall deeply in lust with it as well. The book provides humorous tales of love repeatedly gone astray, mended together with an Apoxie of sass and hope. On Tuesday night, Dallas gets a special double-vision Rothbart visit when Davy and younger bro Peter dip into Texas Theatre for a night of music (Peter performs singer-songwriter odes to lost and found items), dispatches from Found’s back catalog of greatest hits and teases from Davy’s sophomore literary release. Which, by the way, is great. You can pick up old issues of the magazine, a copy of the new book or snag one of Peter’s CDs while you’re there; you’ll want to take a treasure home by the night’s end. It’s $10 at the door or online. Get tickets and information at
Tue., Nov. 27, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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