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Five Best Things to Do in Dallas Christmas Week

It’s here! Finally, Christmas is upon us — which means that the hard work is almost over: Booze will be flowing, gifts will be given and the love will be palpable. At least for a few precious hours. As for the rest of the week, you should give yourself the gift of time — treat yo’self to a new holiday tradition, a couple of laughs or a stately visit with some old British friends.

Krampus Christmas Carnivale
7 p.m. Monday
Margo Jones Theatre
1121 1st Ave.

No one disputes the reign of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as Christmas’ poetic exemplars. But while those holiday masterpieces will be forever etched in our brains, it’s nice to go beyond the familiar anapestic tetrameter to hear new ideas, new takes and different meters. Pandora’s Box, that merry band of Dallas-area poets, add new voices to holiday verses with their Krampus Christmas Carnivale — a mirthful and slightly demented take on Christmas culture that may or may not even rhyme. Admission is free; find out more here

8 p.m. Wednesday
Pocket Sandwich Theater
5400 E. Mockingbird Lane, No. 119

This one is a Dallas Christmas tradition that’s worth a shot, even if you’re feeling a little Scrooge-y yourself at this point. Pocket Sandwich Theater’s charming Christmas musical, starring David H.M. Lambert in the titular role he’s embodied since the mid-1990s, blends traditional carols and original numbers with Dickensian dialogue. Clutch your beer and shed a tear for Tiny Tim in this holiday heartwarmer. Tickets are $30 at the box office. Call 214-821-1860.

It’s a Wonderful Life
5 p.m. Thursday
Angelika Film Center
5321 E. Mockingbird Lane

You can tell everyone you’re going to see Star Wars if you need to, but there’s no shame in spending your Christmas Eve with George Bailey and all the Christmas feels. Curl up in a comfy seat with a giant bag of popcorn as Clarence gets his wings, and you get a last-minute dose of holiday sentiment. Tickets are $7 at

Bob Khosravi
8 p.m. Saturday
Hyena’s Comedy Night Club - Dallas
5321 E. Mockingbird Lane
Laugh off your holiday hangover with Austin comic Bob Khosravi. An absurdist storyteller, Khosravi weaves his way through vignettes that are equal parts dark and weird. So, sorta like your family Christmas get-together, but with an actual comedic payoff. Tickets are $12 to $17 at

Downton Abbey Sneak Preview
7:30 p.m. Sunday
Winspear Opera House

It’s the last season of Julian Fellowes’ epic meditation on class and culture, and we’re all chomping at the bit to see what he throws at us this time. We’ve been shaken to the core with deaths and departures and betrayals. Last year he sunk to a new low when he killed off the dog. But will the conclusion give us sunny outlooks and happy endings? Will Fellowes throw Bates and Anna a bone? Will Edith ever stop whining? Does the Dowager Countess continue her IDGAF reign over local hospital politics? To get a head start on all these answers (and more), put on your pearls for a night of Downtown-themed fun at this sneak preview of the first episode. Dress-up is encouraged, and tickets are free at

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Jennifer Davis-Lamm