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Safe Travels: A Dallas Travel Blogger Gives Us Virtual Travel Recommendations

Sure, the city really did our girl Meghan wrong, but there's just so much to do there.
Sure, the city really did our girl Meghan wrong, but there's just so much to do there. Eva Dang / Unsplash

In 2017, Jessica Serna started the travel blog My Curly Adventures after returning from a monthslong trip to Spain, where she hopped around the old continent in search of its best food and fashion.

Serna is used to staying close by; she’s big on Texas road trips, where she seeks quaint adventures in the country, finds romance in Dallas nights and even the appeal in staycationing in Frisco. So Serna wasn’t about to let some small thing like a mandatory quarantine derail her from finding new places to write about and teaching others about how to seek out the best the world has to offer.

While wanderlustful corona deniers continue traveling for funsies, taking advantage of decreased prices for airline tickets and of their fellow humans most at risk (Where are they even going? Everything is closed everywhere), Serna has found an ethical way to travel while sitting at home, flattening that curve.

For her first online-only international destination, the blogger chose to take her readers to London, a city she’s never visited in the flesh.

“I’ve always wanted to visit London. It’s a bucket-list trip for me,” Serna says. “Since I found myself unable to travel for my blog, I decided to virtually travel to London with my husband.”

Here is her itinerary, in her own words:

  • Start the day with a traditional English breakfast in bed to feel like you’re waking up in a hotel.
  • Set up an at-home art exhibition and virtually tour London’s finest museums.
  • Re-create famous London attractions during an interactive craft hour.
  • Explore Buckingham Palace from the comfort of your couch by watching palace tour videos.
  • Learn about the Tower of London through an audio tour.
  • Watch a show at the Globe Theatre for free (for a limited time) using Globe Player.
  • Cook a Borough Market-inspired lunch.
  • Picnic outside with English wine while watching a video about Regent Park.
  • Enjoy afternoon tea with scones.
  • Cuddle up on the couch and watch various London walking tours, like this Harry Potter-themed tour.
  • Make fish and chips for dinner.
  • Watch a West End show online or enjoy the sounds of the London Symphony.
  • Finish the night with a British film.
On the bright side, this new normal allows us to travel so light that we won’t have to worry about exchanging currency or whether we’ll be able to plug in our straighteners without starting an electrical fire.
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