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Dallas Loves Taking Lyfts to Whataburger

Whataburger is the 14th most popular destination for Dallasites on Halloween night.EXPAND
Whataburger is the 14th most popular destination for Dallasites on Halloween night.

While children in neighborhoods everywhere might consider their bags of candy a treasure this Halloween, Lyft drivers are coming up the big winners. Last year during Halloween weekend, Lyft drivers made over $10 million in tips. The heftiest tip in the DFW area clocked in at $60, which was clearly a $54 dollar mistake from a drunk Spider-Man, who'd intended to type only $6.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday partying, Lyft has compiled a list of the top Halloween weekend destination spots in Dallas. The list is based upon rides given last year, and it reads like a checklist for someone who wants to start the night dressed as a sexy kitty but ends up in the wee hours as a crying cat fighting back vomit in an alleyway.

Top 15 Lyft Halloween Weekend
Nightlife Destinations

  1. Station 4
  2. Round-Up Saloon
  3. Bottled Blonde
  4. JR’s
  5. Clutch Bar & Restaurant
  6. Sue Ellen’s
  7. Concrete Cowboy
  8. Double Wide Bar
  9. STIRR
  10. Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard
  11. Kung Fu Saloon
  12. Chelsea Corner
  13. The Dallas Eagle
  14. Whataburger
  15. Happiest Hour

Station 4 and Round-Up Saloon sitting at the top of the list lets you know the Oak Lawn area knows how to party. For those wanting to bro it up in a decidedly less romantic way, Bottled Blonde at No. 3 should be a magnet for lazy asses who wear sports jerseys and pretend it’s a costume. It’s not. If that's a costume, it means you wear costumes every Sunday when you go to the grocery store to buy beer — can’t have it both ways. Whataburger is a mandatory destination, with the only surprise being that it’s not higher on the list. Based on the lines at 2:30 a.m, it’s safe to assume that the majority of Dallas is either waiting for a Whataburger or making them.

"We did not see many fast food restaurants in other markets' lists — this is likely due to Whataburger’s large popularity in the DFW market specifically," says Yohan Bobcombe, Lyft Dallas-Fort Worth market manager.

Between picking someone up at a bar and stopping by Whataburger on the way home, the Lyft car can serve as a cab, a Postmates delivery and an emergency bathroom all in the same trip. You’ll think you’re fine having an accident in the backseat — your luchador mask is hiding your identity. Then you remember Lyft has your debit card on file. Saturday night you were a world champion wrestler, Sunday morning you’re a hungover account manager named Steve with a clean-up charge cratering your bank account.

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Bobcombe considers the higher volume of rides a win-win situation for both drivers and passengers.

“Halloween is one of Lyft’s most popular holidays, and that means more earning opportunities for drivers,” says Bobcombe. “What really excites me is that passengers are leaving their keys at home and are opting to use Lyft to get to and from nightlife destinations in a smart and reliable way.”

For anyone needing to save some cash after going over budget on their Ted Cruz costume, entering the code HALLOWEEN18 will provide a discount of up to $5 for two rides. This way, even though you’re dressed as a monster, you don’t have to be a real one who doesn’t tip.

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