Mia Bally owned up to her past on Tuesday night's episode.EXPAND
Mia Bally owned up to her past on Tuesday night's episode.
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What The Hell Happened Tuesday Night on Married At First Sight? Glad You Asked.

It was a confusing episode.

Jamie Otis, one-half of a couple from the first season of Married At First Sight, tweeted 13 question marks in regard to Tuesday night's episode. We're sure you, the confused viewer, also have plenty of questions. And you're relying on some serious newsperson to help you.

Let's go.

Did Mia Bally finally come clean about her arrest to her husband, Tristan Thompson?
Yes, she did.

What did she say?
Bally was off-camera when she told Thompson she lied, so the audience only saw them rehash it when they met with the show's three experts the next day.

What did she say to the experts?
Bally sat down with Jessica Griffin, the psychologist on the show, to explain her side of the story.

"So I was with my ex and we broke up and I rebounded with someone else," Bally says. "And then I didn't want to talk about it, and so I think that's why I just went into that protective and denial mode, which was wrong of me. I shouldn't have done that."

Griffin nods.

"I don't have contact with that person and I don't care to associate myself with that person at all," Bally says.

That's confusing.

Did she really explain anything?
Don't think so.

How does Thompson feel?
He's ready to move past it. And he loves her.

Loves her?

Does she love him?
Yes. She's in love with him. They were even physically intimate.

That's kind of crazy, right? Do they really love each other or were they scared into love?
Good question.

Local therapist Elizabeth Scrivner of Park Cities Counseling tells us that tough times, like Bally's arrest, can draw people closer together.

“People can rely on each other and help each other and care for each other," she says. "Love as in this example is an initial chemical and physical attraction. This is a beginning stage of meeting and being drawn to someone. A tough time could cause more closeness. I suggest being careful to make decisions that are lifelong during this phase. This is typically a short phase, and then you get closer and begin to get to know the person. Deep love happens over time. It takes time to get to know someone.”

What do the experts on the show say?
They support Bally and Thompson no matter what.

Anything else?
Bally updated her Instagram bio.

What The Hell Happened Tuesday Night on Married At First Sight? Glad You Asked.
Mia Bally's Instagram Account

How are the other couples doing?
Danielle Bergmann and Bobby Dodd had sex and Bergmann says his ring size is no indication of anything else.


How about Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana?
Martorana dated one of Flaherty's friends before she met Flaherty, and Flaherty is not happy about it.

Why does it matter? They didn't know each other when Martorana dated the friend.
Flaherty says he was good friends with the guy while he was dating Martorana and he "can remember him talking about her."

Oh, guess that's weird.
Guess so.

Married At First Sight airs at 8 p.m. Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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