MJ Hegar Is Selling Campaign Harley-Davidson, and Twitter Wasn't Too Kind

MJ Hegar's TV ad Harley-Davidson bike is up for sale on eBay. The Twitter comments are free.
MJ Hegar's TV ad Harley-Davidson bike is up for sale on eBay. The Twitter comments are free. Screenshot from MJ Hegar's ad
Do you remember that Harley you saw MJ Hegar riding on the open Texas roads for months in her political ad? Do you want it? You can have it. It's up for sale. Just make a bid on eBay. The Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful announced on Twitter she’s selling her bike.

The Senate nominee rode the 2016 Harley-Davidson Sportster while looking tough and macho in a leather jacket in her ads against Sen. John Cornyn, to whom she lost the seat.

On Sunday, Hegar tweeted, “Know anyone who wants to take a spin on the MJ for Texas motorcycle? Please forward them this link. I'm selling it on @eBay! If you're still looking for that perfect Christmas present for the Harley fan/political junkie in your life.”

It would be the perfect gift for any fan of hers who’s still bitter about her loss, but wants to keep the faith. As of print, the current bid is $8,100, but there are four days left on the auction. Not a bad price, especially considering the motorcycle's low mileage — 1,734 miles.

Of course, when a Senate candidate who gained such national attention announced on Twitter that she’s selling her much-talked-about Harley, we could expect Twitter would have lots to say back. Many were actually interested or expressed their support. A man named Rob tweeted, “I would love it, but if I bought a new bike my wife would kill me before the I-35 traffic got the chance.”

Totally understand, Rob. And so does Arron, who thinks this bike is a bargain and tweeted, “8 grand for the mileage and year. That's not a bad deal!”

Of course, folks who thought the bike was a political prop were quick to call Hegar out. An account called The Biden Accountability Project tweeted, “Do you need the money? There wasn't any of the millions from out-of-state and foreign donors leftover from your losing campaign?”
A man named John called Hegar a poser, “A real poser, Never wanted to ride, just wanted to make commercials and have people think she is an American.”

Another John agreed and tweeted, “Time to sell the prop?”

Mathew was a bit blunter: “So you're really not into motorcycling, it was just a campaign prop to fool TX voters into thinking you were a down-to-earth Texan. Selling your shotgun, too? Dems, lying all the time.”

Hegar didn’t take it lying down and responded with this tweet: “Am I the only one who finds the reaction to this a little bizarre? They realize I've been riding for 23 yrs, I've had 3 different bikes, I drove my truck around the state, and I'm a mom with two toddlers and no job right before Christmas, right? But thanks for spreading the word!”

Others came to her defense. Like Marla, who tweeted “The cruelty of the comments here is so ridiculous. [S]he is a woman who bears the scars of battle for our country. Who ran honorably for office against a man who has done nothing for Texas. And this is the thanks she gets from trump and Cornyn's GOP acolytes?” Will Smith (no relation to the Will Smith) told Hegar not to "listen to the fools."

Hate Hegar or love her, you’ll never have to see the bike ever again.
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