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God Help Us: The New Love Is Blind Was Filmed in Dallas

Cameron and Lauren are the only couple we'll acknowledge from Love Is Blind.
Cameron and Lauren are the only couple we'll acknowledge from Love Is Blind. Marcus Ingram/Getty
Don’t let TV snobs steer you wrong with their Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad worship: The most important television drama of our time is the spectacularly horrendous Love Is Blind.

In case you haven’t had the displeasure, the premise of the reality show is that eligible (eh) singles meet, date, fall in love, and propose without ever setting eyes on each other. The 30 singles are separated into two houses by gender and are placed into pods where they speak to their dates through the wall. The participants in this "experiment" have no phones or devices and seemingly fall in love with each other entirely out of boredom.

After they become engaged, get to meet IRL (in the most awkward first meetings ever caught on camera) the couples are sent on a "romantic" vacation with the rest of the betrothed cast, just so everyone can see what they did or did not miss out on. Back at home, the couples meet each other's family and friends, get to live together for the first time and have to decide whether they will actually go through with the wedding. At the altar. And all of this takes place in a matter of weeks.

Now what could go wrong? Lucky for viewers, almost everything.

In its two seasons, the show has featured a group of singles that, we’re sorry to say, mostly didn't deserve any type of love, whether it was blind, deaf or both.

The show is composed of a series of meme-able scenes and makes for a great pick-me-up, however. On those days you’re feeling extra low, you can rest assured that the cast of Love Is Blind will always be there to remind you that you could actually be much worse. Far, far worse. You could be Damian and Gigi’s poisonous levels of toxic. You could have Jessica’s voice. You could unite millions over their common shared hatred of you, like Season 2's Shake did just a few weeks ago.

The veterinarian became persona non grata on the internet for spending most of his time on the show telling anyone who would listen just how repelled he was by the attractive woman he picked to marry. He also found the nerve to hit on host Vanessa Lachey in front of the whole cast, crew, worldwide audiences and her very own husband Nick Lachey. Smooth, bro.

Another warning to women everywhere was this past season's human torpedo and gaslighting PhD Shayne, who is, we can only assume, a man-child lab experiment raised on Red Bull and cocaine. In short, Love Is Blind is a powerful PSA, a master class in red flag awareness that should be required viewing in high school. And now Dallas is in the eye of this shit storm.

The first season was filmed in Atlanta and the second in Chicago. According to Variety, the third season has already been filmed, and followed singles who live in Dallas.

Just as Love Is Blind plays out like Sartre’s hell — a dimension in which unlikable people are trapped with no one but each other — this is a match made in television heaven.

What DFW had gifted the world in music, it has tried to take back through its contributions to reality TV, giving us the worst cast of Real Housewives in the entire franchise, and two shows starring D-lister Courtney Kerr.

Sounds like Season 3 is gonna be an Addison barfight of a train wreck. Get yourself a DART pass.
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