Ruh-Roh, What's Velma Up To?

Let's check out this here event. Hmm, it's at La Grange — alcohol-drenched shaved ice, the pinnacle of modern technology. Check. It's put together by Dr. Sketchy, and we practically have a Ph.D. in sketchy ourselves. Check. It's a figure-drawing session, so we can be all artsy. Check. It features burlesque demigoddess Taffeta Darling modeling characters from comics, so we really only have to pretend to be all artsy while ogling a fleshy Bat Girl. Double check with tassles. And … holy, crap … wait a minute. One of Darling's favorite costumes is Velma from Scooby-Doo, Dr. Sketchy says! Mixing that nerdy, bespectacled, be-banged, be-forever-a-virgin Velma with burlesque is like ordering up a dish of ice cream and liver. Velma is shaved ice without the booze. Seriously, doc, a body is a terrible thing to waste. Though … we suppose … hmm … Velma as a sex kitten does have a certain, er, transgressive edge. It's almost sketchy, even. OK, then. Carry on. Bring a pencil and carry on yourself at Dr. Sketchy's Pinup Sketch Group, featuring Darling, prizes and tunes from DJ Tigerbee. The art happens 4-7 p.m. Sunday at 2704 Elm St. in Deep Ellum. It's $10 to draw and free if you just want to watch, you sketchy bastard.
Sun., May 6, 2012
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