Rump Shaker

Imagine, if you will, a video that features a bumpin' beat and several scantily clad ladies—and what little they are clad in is composed of faux animal skin-bumping and grinding all in a row. There are pelvic thrusts and libidinous hand gestures, shimmying torsos and lots of skin. Oh, and more pelvic thrusts. So many pelvic thrusts it's like a Jazzercise class on speed. You'd probably think this was just your everyday rap video, but in fact it is a piece of cheap YouTube-ry that chronicles the dancing antics of the ladies who back Congolese artist Dany Engobo and Les Coeurs Brises. We recommend you check it out, as it merely hints at the visual and audio joys that you will receive upon laying your eyes and ears on Engobo's handiwork, a sort of blend of Afro-Caribbean roots songs and 2 Live Crew videos which will be available in live form 9 p.m. Friday at Sons of Hermann Hall, 3414 Elm St. It's no wonder, really, that Engobo inspires such rump-shaking: His music is a seamless montage of the best of African beats, pleasantly odd world music melodies and smile-inducing vocals. And, you know, pelvic thrusts. Advance tickets are $20, or $25 at the door. Call 214-502-5972 or visit
Fri., Dec. 22, 9 p.m.
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Jonanna Widner
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