There Are Some Really Creepy Ceramic Bunnies on Display at Cohn Drennan Gallery

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This morning we came across preview photos online hyping Saturday's 4austin4rtists at Cohn Drennan Contemporary, and Debra Broz's weird, wild, unsettling ceramics gave us pause.

They are reminiscent of the animal statuettes you will find perched on doilies in almost any grandmother's house: unabashedly kitsch, a bit disturbing in their forced cuteness. But Broz likes to take you for an unexpectedly disconcerting ride, as if your grandmother were Helena Bonham Carter and her doilies proudly displayed bunnies with fangs, two-headed lambs and boxers with parakeet wings. They leave us wanting to laugh, but we're unsure why. They strike a nervous chord, and we like it.

We're told that Broz restores found ceramics -- the very ones left behind from estate sales and church flea markets -- instilling her own sense of black comedy and fascination with genetic mutation to create "cute monstrosities."

Check out more of Broz's oddities below (all culled from her professional website, and all taken by Rebecca Marino), and drop in Cohn Drennan Saturday for the opening reception from 6 to 8 p.m.

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