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Apparently, Two New Housewives Are Coming to Dallas. Isn't That Neat?

Is this what the new cast will look like?
Is this what the new cast will look like? drawing by Paige Skinner

Wednesday night, this writer got a pitch from a publicist representing a current cast member from The Real Housewives of Dallas. The pitch mentioned that two new housewives, Tiffany Moon and Jennifer Davis Long, have joined the cast. Bravo did not respond to a request for confirmation, but rumor sites say it's true. Good enough!

LeeAnne Locken announced in February that she was leaving the program, so it's no surprise the show would add more women to spice things up. So, let's do what we do best. Get to know these women from their social media pages!

Tiffany Moon
Tiffany Moon is a doctor. We know that because her Instagram name is "Tiffany Moon, MD." She is a mom, anesthesiologist, wife, fashionista, traveler, philanthropist and wannabe comedienne. That's what her Instagram bio says. She's big on TikTok, and by that we mean she has 17,000 followers. Her daughters appeared in People magazine for their quarantine pillow challenge photo. She drinks a lot of wine! She dressed up like Ali Wong once. She posted a HILARIOUS April Fools photo implying she was pregnant. Gotcha! She was just kidding, ha-ha. Tiffany is HILARIOUS. She made a brief appearance on the previous season of RHOD. Looks like she is ready for the spotlight!!!!!

My guess on what her tagline will be: "I knock people out for a living, and I'll do it for fun, too."

Jennifer Davis Long
Jennifer Davis Long is a real estate agent, wife, model and mom, according to her Instagram bio. She loves dogs and beaches and was voted Best Realtor by D Magazine three years in a row (I fact checked that last part and it is true, but I couldn't get any dogs on the record.) She is a redhead, which might be a problem because Brandi Redmond, RHOD cast member for five years, is also a redhead. I'm pretty sure two redheads legally can't get along. She knows former cast member Cary Deuber and current cast members D'Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott! She's already met Housewives producer Andy Cohen, and she retweets him often. Looks like she's been planting seeds for a while!!!

My guess on what her tagline will be: "I'm anything but model behavior."

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