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What The Umbrella Academy Got Wrong About Dallas

The Umbrella Academy stars Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda and Aidan Gallagher
The Umbrella Academy stars Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David CastaƱeda and Aidan Gallagher Netflix
By now, fans of The Umbrella Academy have either binged the entire second season, which was released on Netflix on July 31, or they've practiced self control by spacing them out to last a little longer than a couple days. Either way, the second season of the comic book adaptation takes place in Dallas in the early 1960s, although it largely was filmed in Canada. And while we can praise the show's imaginative plot points, incredible camera work and fantastic character developments, they certainly messed up more than a few things about Big D. And what kind of Dallas-centric publication would we be if we didn't call them out? Here's what The Umbrella Academy got wrong about Dallas.

It shows several instances of an intersection of Knox and Commerce streets.
These streets are roughly three miles apart and parallel.

Plano St.
There is a Plano Road and a Plano Parkway, but no Plano Street.

An intersection of Plano St. and Harwood St.
Harwood St. exists, but, again, no Plano St.

Coordinates given to the Swedes to find Diego are actually coordinates to Netflix's studios on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles (34.097842, -118.316307), nowhere near Dallas.

Police station

According to, the Dallas police station is a digitally altered stock image of the Maricopa County Courthouse, the Old Phoenix City Hall in Arizona.

Dealey Plaza
Presumably, Luther and the two Number Fives (old and young) cross the Dealey Plaza Triple Overpass on their way to catch John F. Kennedy's motorcade. It's actually the Emerald Street Footbridge in Ontario.

Jumping to the future

In an aerial shot of JFK's motorcade, the Lew Sterrett Justice Center can be seen. It wasn't built until 1993.

Another aerial shot of the motorcade shows the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. This location of the museum did not exist until 2005.

Even superheroes can't travel that fast
Diego is sent to the Holbrook Sanitarium in Dallas. This is a fictional sanitarium, but interestingly enough, there was a Mountain Sanitarium in Hamilton, Ontario, where the season was largely shot and it was operated for several years in the early 20th century by a Dr. Howard Holbrook.

The filmmakers don't explicitly show an expressway, but we're pretty curious how the Umbrella Academy siblings were able to travel to and from downtown Dallas and a remote farm so quickly. 
click to enlarge The coordinates given to The Swedes to find Diego, who is in Dallas, are that of Netflix's own LA studio. - NETFLIX SCREENSHOT
The coordinates given to The Swedes to find Diego, who is in Dallas, are that of Netflix's own LA studio.
Netflix screenshot
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