What We Can Expect From RHOD Season 4, According to Instagram

Cheers to season 4!
Cheers to season 4!
Greg Endries/Bravo

LeeAnne Locken, star of The Real Housewives of Dallas, is a married woman. Everything seems to have gone according to plan. At 51 years old, Locken wore white. Now-husband Rich Emberlin wore his signature eye patch (he is blind in one eye) and a custom vest with his and Locken's faces on the back. Locken danced to the "Cupid Shuffle," and Bravo cameras were there to film it all for season 4.

Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Dallas has yet to be officially announced, but in people's Instagram stories and photos, it seems filming has shown up to every Locken wedding-related event for the last few months. Fellow Housewives Cary Deuber and Kameron Westcott have also been there for every event, and Westcott even threw Locken and Emberlin a couples' shower, which was crystal-themed, according to Hollywood Life.

“I chose to do a crystal theme since LeeAnne always shines,” Kameron told the website.

During Locken's bachelorette party, one "surprise guest" showed up, according to Bravo.com and that was Locken's best friend of 20 years and RHOD season 1 star, Tiffany Hendra. A friend showing up to another friend's bachelorette party! Surprising!

On Thursday, the celebration continued at Locken and Emberlin's rehearsal dinner. The couple shared their table with only a few guests, including Deuber and her husband, Mark, who sat right next to the bride-to-be. Housewives Stephanie Hollman and Westcott sat a few seats down. Hendra, possibly surprising Bravo.com again, was seated at the head table, as well as Heidi Dillon, who has appeared on most of RHOD's seasons.

It looks like any drama from season 3 will carry over into season 4 because missing from the rehearsal dinner were Locken's "frenemies," D'Andra Simmons and Brandi Redmond. Neither Redmond nor Simmons have shown up to any wedding-related event of Locken's, including the engagement party, bachelorette party, the couple's shower or the wedding.


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