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"Improving lives one breath at a time" is the slogan for one of Dallas' latest wellness sensations. Proving ever so essential for 2020, Breathe combines the ancient practice of meditation with state-of-the art technology for a distinctive and soul-soothing experience. Shake up your chakras with some crystal bed therapy or recline and relax with their signature "breathe and rest" class. Either way you have it, just breathe and put your mind at ease.

As the O.G. of the O.C. (Oak Cliff), fashion designer Julie McCullough is known to take a risk, spell it all out and ruffle a feather or two. Outspoken, witty, caring and courageous, McCullough was one of the initial few to press pause on regular business for her Bishop Arts store Harkensback and go full force into mask production for first responders. One of the earlier professionals to dedicate her sewing team and resources to thousands upon thousands in masks fulfillment, she was also one of the originals to collaborate with local artists on creative designs, a partnership that helped her employees, local artists and of course, the community.

Sarah Schumacher

Since 1951, Asel Art Supply has provided tools for every type of art project. The shop is a favored destination for North Texas artists. Asel Art is following a strict COVID protocol in-store but also offers curbside pickup. The shop is also taking customer service up a notch by implementing video shopping. Because grand artistic concepts can be hard to explain over the phone, customers are able to shop face-to-face with employees and browse the racks virtually.

Multi-disciplinary artist Zarina Karapetyan creates pieces all over the world in her travels, so they're injected with the mystique unique to each culture. Her paintings celebrate the blast of cosmic energy, and their effect is at once humbling and empowering. The artist's sculptures are ethereal, full of sophistication and abstract mystery, the kind of thing that will invite the right kind of conversation: While trying to interpret her work, one is reminded of the overwhelming beauty we fail to see and forget to look for.

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