Brentwood | Addison | American | Restaurant
Vandelay Hospitality


Brentwood is now open where Houston’s used to be in Addison. And if you ever ate at Houston’s, it smells the same. It’s like getting a whiff of grandpa's pipe or grandma’s ciggies every now and then. Takes you right back. The menu here ranges from sushi and classic Americana. A trio of burgers is center stage on the menu; a classic LTOP with mustard and mayo. House specialties include chicken dishes, steaks and fish. A wild berry cobbler is loaded with pecans and topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yes, the cocktail menu has an espresso martini. They all do now. It has four martinis as a matter of fact, a classic which is served with goat cheese olives. The rest is classics: an Old Fashioned, a paloma made with mezcal, and a bourbon and rye Manhattan barrel aged for two weeks. Their Singapore Sling is "served the old world way," which makes us want to go back and see that means. We hope it's a bit scrappy.