Kathy Tran

Front Room Tavern

Kathy Tran
Sometimes it's hard to get excited about a hotel restaurant, if only because many bank on lazy guests who don’t have the energy to travel far for dinner. That's not the case with Front Room Tavern, where chef Taylor Kearney's cooking is as worthy of destination dining as it is a convenient, if indulgent, meal for guests at the Hotel Lumen. Grab a seat at the bar or one of the taupe-colored booths and dig into a hearty Southern fare like shrimp and grits, or maybe a bacon-topped burger on a potato bun. If you’re looking for something light, the salads are massive and full of fresh greens, but prepare for your restraint to be undone when you see the dessert menu. Alison Morse is a pastry chef to watch, and her chocolate trifle and caramel pot de crème are worth loosening your belt buckle, and maybe even your elastic pants.

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